You can save your money spent on cleaning and spend them on other things which are your priority at the moment. Here you will learn 6 useful cleaning hacks suitable for saving addicts. Apply them and you will have your appliances function optimally and your home sanitized from top to bottom. You can make your own cleaning detergents which to use around your home that will also save you money. Check out the following hacks and try them out for a healthy and presentable home.
  1. Maintaining Appliances – Cleaning Dusty Refrigerators
Fridges consume a lot of power especially if they don’t function optimally. This is often due to gathering of dust of the coils. The dust insulates the coil and makes the appliance work harder needing more electricity. Check the coils of your fridge and other appliances and if they are covered with dust clean them. You can easily do this after unplugging the appliance and moving it away from the wall. Then, hoover the dust and cobwebs from the coils with a vacuum cleaner. Use  a cloth to wipe some areas by hand if it is necessary. Do this once every season and you will save from the electricity bill.
  1. Remove Stubborn Stains from Cutting Boards with Kosher Salt and Lemon
Use kosher salt to sprinkle a badly stained cutting board and use half a lemon to scrub it. The stubborn stains will be removed and you only have to rinse the board to get it ready for use. It will be rid of the stain and become freshly scented.
  1. Natural Air Freshening Vacuum Cleaning
This method can be applied on many types of vacuum cleaners, but not to all. Check the type you have and if it is suitable apply this refreshing hack. Dip a cotton ball in any essential oil you like and put the ball in the bag of your vacuum cleaner. While cleaning with the appliance it will spread a refreshing light aroma instead of the odour of dirt and dust.
  1. Furniture Polish and Scratch Remover
Don’t spend too much on scratch removing detergents. Use this cheap and effective mixture made of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply them on the surfaces of the furniture pieces you want to polish and rid of scratches. Buff and the surface will be rid of scratches. Before applying test on a small area of the floor or furniture piece.
  1. Stain Remover for Clothes
This remover can be used as a pre-treatment of stubborn stains on clothes. Mix baking soda and lemon juice till you make a paste and use it to carefully press the stain. Then you can wash as usually. It is good to test the paste first because lemon juice can make bright colors faded.
  1. Coffee and Tea Stain Remover
Cleaning coffee stains can be done easily with salt which has excellent abrasive properties.
Use salt to remove coffee and tea stains from cups and mugs. Just apply salt and rub with fingers the area with stain. If you want to protect your mug or cup from scratching TenancyCleaning Greenwich advises you to use a little water to dilute the salt and a soft pad to rub.
Cleaning coffee pots and percolators is easy. Fill them with water, add a quarter glass of salt and percolate or boil as you normally do. You can pour the salty water near your garden which will repel pests. Another use of the salty water you can apply in the winter season. Wash the internal surfaces of your windows to protect them from frosting.
Use these 6 cleaning hacks to save money on supplies and energy consumption. Most of them include simple ingredients which all households have.