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You can save your money spent on cleaning and spend them on other things which are your priority at the moment. Here you will learn 6 useful cleaning hacks suitable for saving addicts. Apply them and you will have your appliances function optimally and your home sanitized from top to bottom. You can make your own cleaning detergents which to use around your home that will also save you money. Check out the following hacks and try them out for a healthy and presentable home.
  1. Maintaining Appliances – Cleaning Dusty Refrigerators
Fridges consume a lot of power especially if they don’t function optimally. This is often due to gathering of dust of the coils. The dust insulates the coil and makes the appliance work harder needing more electricity. Check the coils of your fridge and other appliances and if they are covered with dust clean them. You can easily do this after unplugging the appliance and moving it away from the wall. Then, hoover the dust and cobwebs from the coils with a vacuum cleaner. Use  a cloth to wipe some areas by hand if it is necessary. Do this once every season and you will save from the electricity bill.
  1. Remove Stubborn Stains from Cutting Boards with Kosher Salt and Lemon
Use kosher salt to sprinkle a badly stained cutting board and use half a lemon to scrub it. The stubborn stains will be removed and you only have to rinse the board to get it ready for use. It will be rid of the stain and become freshly scented.
  1. Natural Air Freshening Vacuum Cleaning
This method can be applied on many types of vacuum cleaners, but not to all. Check the type you have and if it is suitable apply this refreshing hack. Dip a cotton ball in any essential oil you like and put the ball in the bag of your vacuum cleaner. While cleaning with the appliance it will spread a refreshing light aroma instead of the odour of dirt and dust.
  1. Furniture Polish and Scratch Remover
Don’t spend too much on scratch removing detergents. Use this cheap and effective mixture made of olive oil and lemon juice. Apply them on the surfaces of the furniture pieces you want to polish and rid of scratches. Buff and the surface will be rid of scratches. Before applying test on a small area of the floor or furniture piece.
  1. Stain Remover for Clothes
This remover can be used as a pre-treatment of stubborn stains on clothes. Mix baking soda and lemon juice till you make a paste and use it to carefully press the stain. Then you can wash as usually. It is good to test the paste first because lemon juice can make bright colors faded.
  1. Coffee and Tea Stain Remover
Cleaning coffee stains can be done easily with salt which has excellent abrasive properties.
Use salt to remove coffee and tea stains from cups and mugs. Just apply salt and rub with fingers the area with stain. If you want to protect your mug or cup from scratching TenancyCleaning Greenwich advises you to use a little water to dilute the salt and a soft pad to rub.
Cleaning coffee pots and percolators is easy. Fill them with water, add a quarter glass of salt and percolate or boil as you normally do. You can pour the salty water near your garden which will repel pests. Another use of the salty water you can apply in the winter season. Wash the internal surfaces of your windows to protect them from frosting.
Use these 6 cleaning hacks to save money on supplies and energy consumption. Most of them include simple ingredients which all households have.
Walmart price matching policy will be a game changer for the coupon industry
The new Walmart policy will be a game changer for the coupon industry. Many shoppers will need to reevaluate their purchases. The policy basically states that Walmart will no longer price match any competitors Ad or deal. Walmart is going to offer the lowest possible price all year long. The question is what is going to happen during seasons where other competitors have a lower price. Will Walmart be able to compete with the market? I think Walmart is testing the market to see if their new marketing technique will work. Are they going to lose business because of the new policy change or are they going to gain customers because of their guarantee low price.
 Overall Walmart’s new move seems to be the right move. They are moving in to a new market where shoppers are looking for a yearlong savings. We also have to consider how other top retailers are going to take these changes. We will know as time goes by how many retailers will feel the changes and how their marketing technique to offer savings will change. Walmart is guaranteeing better prices yearlong. The question now is how couponers and bargain shoppers are going to cope with the changes. There are many top coupon websites and blogs that spent hours on deals from Walmart. Well let’s look on ways the coupon bloggers and the shoppers can take advantage of this new policy.
Stike4greatsavings coupon blog
Look at other stores for the same Item
Shoppers and couponers will now have to look more at other stores for items they would price match at Walmart. Do not forget Walmart Is trying to match the prices of other competitors all year long. That means Items you would shop in certain time of the year are already in special. All you need to look for is to make sure other competitors like Target do not have them at a better price for the time being. Remember during holidays you want to look at other top retailers because they are able to fluctuate with their prices and deals.
Do not stock up
Many websites and coupon blogs are advising to stock up. Do not stock up! This is the worst move you can do right now. As Walmart’s policy changes the field in couponing it will also increase many deals from other retailers. For example if Walmart has a cereal on special (do not forget that is the lowest price they will offer it yearlong) compared to Target, Target will see the opportunity to offer it for a lower price and of course we will use our coupon skills and save a lot more. So please do not listen to the other bloggers and stock up. This is not the right move as a couponer and a deal finder
Ease of couponing and comparing prices
This will make it easier for couponers and deal finders. Now that we have established that Walmart will have a stable price market, now we can easily coupon for other major retailers. Remember as a couponer you want to facilitate your techniques. Walmart’s policy has created this for us by giving us a stable price. Also, do not forget retailers say they will match Walmart’s price for the customer. As I said the new policy Walmart has put in place will create a better opportunity for couponers and it will push other retailers to compete with Walmart’s price.
New coupon technique
Now we will have to become better at couponing. There are many techniques you can use but this is the right time to freshen up on your coupon language. Like I said is a game changer for many retailers and businesses. To take advantage of this new policy we have to keep up with the change. Do not forget couponing is the best way to create a budget
Final Thoughts
Many of these changes from Walmart came about people using coupons’ and Ads from competitors the wrong way. Please follow the retailer’s policies and read the coupons fine print.
Walmart stated, they do not anticipate expanding the no-price-matching policy to stores outside of the undisclosed 500 locations. From my experience in the business world and marketing I would like to offer my opinion. Walmart will expand these changes. This is a great move for a retailer such as Walmart. Walmart has a total of 4,601 stores in the United States.
This means the coupon industry will continue to grow and us as consumers need to keep up with the change. As always continue couponing.
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Many people have been asking and searching on Bing, Google and Yahoo how to create a blog. Well look no further I will explained to you in detail how to create a blog and what you need. There are many steps that are needed to create a successful blog from advertising, creating backlinks, SEO and much more. Many of us just want to create a blog and be online, let’s get to it.
The first question you need to ask your self is why do you want a blog? Is it to post about family, business, and activities or just to be part of the online community? Well is up to you but let’s get started on what are the basics of creating a blog.
The first thing you need on creating a blog is selecting who will be Hosting your website. You have options like WordPress, Godaddy or HostGator.
Next you have to decide who your audience will be. Remember your audience is very important because they are your readers and your followers. The better content you provide the more followers you get. Content is king when creating a blog. Just make sure your potential readers can understand your writing and give them the option to comment.
When you select the web address it is very important because that’s what the people will use to find you. Do not make it to confusing so that people can easily remember your site. Make it user friendly and always have great content.
Finally if you are looking for a great way to be found you need to advertise using Bing Ads or AdWords. Remember thought if you have great content you do not have to pay for any of these services. Like I said content is Key.
Thank You
This is a new trend and niche that has started for many people. Using coupons is the process of gathering coupons for your daily purchases and finding deals.
Newspaper coupons
You need to buy newspapers that have coupons inside. I am going to give you a tip that not many people know. You have many stores that sell newspapers with coupons but their price is expensive. Well the best retailer out there right now that has newspapers at the lowest is Menards. Menards does not have a limit on how many newspapers you can buy. Here is the newspaper coupon preview. The one thing you don’t want to do is get coupons from other states. Many of those coupons are not eligible for your state.
Loyalty Programs
Join loyalty programs that offer rewards for shopping in their stores. Many stores have loyalty programs for example CVS. Take advantage of these programs for two reason it is free and you earn cash back.
Combine/Stacking coupons
Stacking coupons is one of the best ways to save in couponing. Stacking coupons is the process when combining manufacturing coupons and store coupons. This is the best way to get the best deals. Just follow our extreme couponing steps on how to get your daily purchases for free or for pennies. As you start collecting coupon do not forget to always know what their coupon policies are. They all have different policies and they update them from time to time.
Always plan your shopping trip. Always have a binder with coupons and take them with you for your daily purchases. Do not forget to always have a budget on how much you are willing to pay for each item. Always try to buy for clearance. As you uses this process you will create and build your own stock pile! Yay!
Online coupons
This is a need to do every day. You need to print coupons all the time and have them ready in your binder. You can use or better use printable coupons.
Well what is better than coupons, Freebies!! Freebies are always out there. There are two ways to get freebies. You can get freebies by stacking coupons or by getting free samples.
Our goal in strike4greatsavings is not just give you our wonderful deals but look for other deals and link you to them. Yes we will do the hard work and look for all of the best deals and bring them to you together in one place. This will be your one place for the best deals either from our site or other websites.
First I will give a list on where to go to get your average deals online. These websites are known by many consumers for their deals and best savings when buying either in bulk or a single item.
These are the best websites you can use to shop and save on major purchases. But now let’s talk about more than just saving on major purchases. Let’s talk about saving to the point where we get the stuff for free! Or for pennies!
There are many coupon deals and blogs. But how do you know which one is the right one for you. Many have become more as an advertiser than a real deal site. How do you know if you are looking at an “Advertiser” or at a deal site? This is very simple. Any time you look at a blog and it shows deals that you have to pay close to full price for a single item is not a deal site. A deal site is always looking for the best deals meaning they have purchased the item themselves. A real deal site will always give you options to use multiple coupons or a way to never pay full price. Don’t forget always use rebate apps to save on your daily purchases.
Do not forget to download our free app for easy access to our deals and social media.
Saving money
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Using coupons
There are many ways to save money but the best way to save money is couponing. By using a coupon you save a percentage of your purchase. When you combine or stack coupons you can sometimes get the item for free or for a lot less. Couponing is a lifestyle by choice. It is very important though to make sure you always read the fine print on the coupons you use. Either from or from your daily newspaper.
Another way you can save money is searching for coupon codes. A very good website that I have used for example when I started my blog was They provide coupon codes that you can use to avoid paying retail price.
Rebate apps
This is one of the best in my opinion. Using rebate apps are the best way to save on your everyday purchases. Here are the list of the apps I have always used. All of the following are great for making purchases and submitting your receipts.
Freebies are the best way to save because they require no purchase. The word says it all is always free.
Sunday coupon preview
Getting your newspaper is very important. There is no website out there that can give you all of the coupons. Newspapers offer manufacturing coupons that you can combine with other offers. Look for your closest newspaper provider and purchase your newspaper. The average cost is about $1.00. Always look for the list  coupons blogs provide because this will be beneficiary when getting ready for your shopping trip.
This is one of the most important ways when changing your life style or habits. You need to budget to make it work. Budgeting as a whole is important for your short term goals and long term goals. When you coupon you basically create a budget for yourself. You put a limit on how much are you willing to spend which creates a better lifestyle for you and your family.
Clean kitchen
To keep your kitchen clean you can use cheap and effective ingredients. Make your own detergents using the ingredients presented here diluted with water or concentrated. Here you will learn six effective and frugal ingredients for eco kitchen cleaning. Use them to maintain your kitchen in impeccable condition without chemicals or toxic products.
Kitchen gnangarra
The ingredients are white vinegar, baking soda, essential oils, natural dish soap, hydrogen peroxide and Castile soap. In a combination with each other they can create all kinds of recipes for all purpose cleaners, furniture polish, glass cleaner, oven and kitchen appliance cleaners.
Natural dish soap can be used not only for washing the dishes in the kitchen. Diluted with water in a spray bottle it is suitable for cleaning almost every kitchen surface. It cuts through grease and can be used for washing the sinks and worktops.
Castile soap in a combination with water and tea tree oil makes a perfect multi-purpose cleaner. It can be applied for cleaning almost every surface in the kitchen and the rest of the rooms. Just add a few drops of tea tree oil to a bottle filled with water and a little quantity of Castile soap, shake all ingredients and the cleaner is ready.
Hydrogen peroxide is perfect for disinfecting surfaces. It should be kept in an opaque bottle because it easily breaks down when being exposed to light. Prompt Tenancy Cleaners N10 recommend to use concentrated or diluted with water in a 1:1 ratio in a spray bottle for cleansing bathroom and kitchen areas.  It kills germs, disinfects the cleaned surfaces and can be applied on kitchen worktops to sterilise them.
 Baking soda has scrubbing and abrasive power which can substitute all toxic cleaners. You can use it in the form of a paste with a little water to scrub different kitchen surfaces. Baking soda is very effective  in removing burnt-on food on glass and other stove surfaces, whitening enamel kitchen sinks. Baking soda sprinkled on the carpets removes odours and stains. It should be used alone or with essential oils and vacuum cleaned afterwards.
 White vinegar is one of the most frugal and universal eco cleaning ingredient. It has disinfecting properties which makes it suitable to be used on a number of surfaces. Being very acidic it shouldn’t be used on porous surfaces like natural stone. It cuts through grease and can be applied on kitchen floors and worktops, for wiping cabinets and stainless steel appliances and surfaces. Mixed with water it is a perfect stain remover for rugs and carpets. The vinegar smell evaporates fast but if you want to mask it add a few drops of the essential oils you like in your water and vinegar solution. You can use vinegar for the rinse cycle of your dishwasher instead of commercial products. It removes the residue and spots from the dishes.
You can put a few drops of lemon essential oil, ¾ cup of olive oil, the  juice from ¼ lemon and 1 tablespoon of vinegar to create a home-made furniture polish for your kitchen cabinets and drawers. With a damp rag  that had been squeezed of the excess water wipe the kitchen furniture. You can use this polish to buff stainless steel kitchen surfaces too.
With some easy to find, cheap and safe for the health ingredients you can create your own all-purpose cleaners, polishes, scrubs and sprays. They can make your kitchen shine and look great without the use of any chemicals and toxic ingredients. Replace your store-bought and aggressive detergents for the kitchen with the ingredients presented here to achieve better results in kitchen cleaning and protect your health.