Shopping at CVS w/Claudia!!
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How to Love CVS like I do!… At least once a week I’m here to strike 4 great savings. CVS is a coupon friendly environment based on my experiences. So far no issues, but that’s because you must follow their coupon policy (click here to obtain CVS coupon policy). As easy as pie once you have learned the ropes! In order for you to save huge you must sign up in-store or online(click-here to sign-up online) for the extra care card (see a CVS associates in-store for more info). Once you have obtain and sign up for free you will be surprise how many great deals you can score at CVS.
I have listed the most important reasons why everyone should have a CVS care card:
  • After signing up for the extracare card you can access your account online or download the CVS app on your smartphone/device. (Click Here)
  • Sign-up to receive emails (special offer get send to your card after signing up to receive emails) click here
  • Sign-up for the extra care beauty club- for every $50 dollars spent on beauty products you earned a $5 beauty extrabucks reward. How awesome is that! The $5 beauty extrabucks reward can be use on your next shopping trip or transaction. Click here for more information
  • You can also sign-up for the extracare pharmacy & health rewards. For more information click here
CVS Coupon Center Kiosk!
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The above picture it shows what a CVS coupon center looks like. Well, it is also label as a price checker. This is not an ordinary price checker it also prints out CVS coupons, and you can also use it to price check an item. How do you print the coupons? Just scan you CVS care card at the kiosk an it will automatically start printing CVS coupons.
  • The amazing thing about CVS coupons is that it can be stack with manufacturing coupons. Now you see why CVS is one of my favorite places to strike 4 great savings
  • CVS coupons also have an expiration date after printing out. Usually they expire 1 to 2 weeks after printing from the kiosk machine.
  • In order for you to redeem your CVS coupons at checkout just present your CVS care card. (Every CVS coupon is assigned to your care card. Without your card you cannot redeem it at checkout)
  • The below picture is an example of how to combine CVS coupons with manufacturing coupons;
CVS Extrabucks
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Every week CVS advertises on their weekly ad offers that can qualify to earn extrabucks rewards. Above is an example of how an extrabucks printable looks like. The extrabucks will print at the bottom of the receipt. The only way the extrabucks will print is if it meets the offer requirements.
  • Extrabucks can be redeemed on your next transaction or on the next shopping trip.
  • Please read the fine print of the extrabucks earned it does have some exclusions such as milk, lottery, alcohol..etc
  • You can also check for weekly ad offers online- Go Here to checkout your weekly ad by zipcode
  • Weekly offers may be different depending on you region
CVS Clearance Finds!
Clearance items can be found all over the store. Make sure you keep your eyes open and check every aisle as well. If you happen to have a coupon for that clearance item even better. This might sound crazy but that is the main reason why I always carry my coupon binder with me at all times. Below is an example of how clearance items are markdown at CVS.
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