Head over to Groupon and you can get 2-Channel RC Marvel or DC Comics Flying Figure Helicopter some are as low as $22.99. You can choose
  • Batman: 8”x3”x9”; 0.5lb.
  • Spider-Man vs. the Sinister 6: 4.5”x3”x8.25”; 0.5lb.
  • Age of Ultron: Iron Man: 8”x3”x9”; 0.5lb.
  • Age of Ultron: Hulkbuster: 9.46”x5.24”x12.24”; 0.85lb.
  • Age of Ultron: Hulk: 8”x3”x9”; 0.5lb.
  • Captain America: 8”x3”x9”; 0.5lb.
  • Superman: 5”x11”x8.5”; 2lb.