Our goal in strike4greatsavings is not just give you our wonderful deals but look for other deals and link you to them. Yes we will do the hard work and look for all of the best deals and bring them to you together in one place. This will be your one place for the best deals either from our site or other websites.
First I will give a list on where to go to get your average deals online. These websites are known by many consumers for their deals and best savings when buying either in bulk or a single item.
These are the best websites you can use to shop and save on major purchases. But now let’s talk about more than just saving on major purchases. Let’s talk about saving to the point where we get the stuff for free! Or for pennies!
There are many coupon deals and blogs. But how do you know which one is the right one for you. Many have become more as an advertiser than a real deal site. How do you know if you are looking at an “Advertiser” or at a deal site? This is very simple. Any time you look at a blog and it shows deals that you have to pay close to full price for a single item is not a deal site. A deal site is always looking for the best deals meaning they have purchased the item themselves. A real deal site will always give you options to use multiple coupons or a way to never pay full price. Don’t forget always use rebate apps to save on your daily purchases.
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