football 2Tackling Down the Coupon Language!
Fear no more my friends! For those who don’t understand what I mean by the coupon language. There are different types of coupon Lingo that all couponers use. For example, a “manufacturing coupon” is abbreviated by using an acronym such as “MQ”. Well there’s more where that came from. Below you will find a list of the most common and popular acronyms.
1. Manufacturing Coupon- MQ
2. Target Coupon- TQ
3. Printable Coupon- IP
4. Buy one get one free- BOGO/B1G1
5. Buy 2 get one free- B2G1
6. Expires on- EXP
7. Register Rewards- RR
8. Out of Pocket- OOP
9. Money Maker- MM
10. Gift Card- GC
11. Extrabucks- EB
12. Mail in Rebate- MIR
13. Your Mileage May Very-YMMV (This means that this deal may work for someone else, but it may not work for you)
Acronyms for Newspaper Coupon Inserts are as follow;
1.Procter & Gamble- P&G
2.SmartSource- SS
3.RedPlum- RP
What is Stacking?
Wonder no more! Stacking is another meaning for combining two or more coupons. Stacking is usually a Manufacturing coupon and a store coupon of the same item. I am a fan when it comes to stacking coupons, it means more savings! Hooray!! One of my favorite store to stack coupons is Target. Click here for printable Target coupons. Below is an example of a combination of stacking a coupon.
Stacking sample
This is a stacking example of a printable manufacturing coupon stack with a Target Coupon.
Stacking sample2
This is another example of an insert manufacturing coupon stack with a Walgreen’s in-store coupon.
Where to find Coupons?
For all those who are new and are wondering where to get coupons well pretty much anywhere. Coupons can be found in the Sunday Newspaper. For example, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Hoy, La Raza newspaper etc..
• There is many printable coupons for all those who did not get a chance to get a hold of the Sunday newspaper. As a reminder you can clip coupons from the bottom of my page as you will see we are affiliated with Click here for the websites (Please keep in mind when printing coupons online you are allow to print 2 coupons of each per computer. It’s rare but at times it might only let you print one coupon of each per computer
• Many times you will find a coupon peelie stick or hanging on to the product
• Some Magazines sometimes have coupons inside
• Products may sometimes come with a coupon inside or on the package
Tip: Always be aware of your surroundings because you never know what type of coupons you might find.eyes
**Who likes to pay more than a dollar per newspaper? I sure don’t! Well there’s many ways you can obtain free newspaper coupon inserts or pay $1 per newspaper.
•Some stores that I know of that carry the Sunday newspaper and cost just $1 per newspaper are; Dollar Tree, Deals, and some dollar stores. ( check your store or call before you go and ask if they carry the Sunday newspaper) Also, keep in mind that some stores might have a limit of newspapers per customer.
•I did more research and found out that Menards also sells the Sunday Newspaper for just $1 and no limit. SCORE!!! However, you might want to call your nearest Menard’s store to double check.
•You can ask friends/family members who don’t used their coupon inserts to save them for you.
Tip: I would suggest you start with 2 to 3 inserts per week; you don’t want to get overwhelm when getting so many inserts.
Get Organized!!!
Click here to view my video of how I get organized ( video coming soon). Getting organize can be time consuming but so worth the time to get yourself ready to hit the store. Below is the list of some of the items to get organized;
  • Binder
  • Scissors
  • Calculator
  • Pen/pencil
  • Deal List by Store
  • Coupon Policies(click here for store policies)
There’s many methods of how to get organized. For example, some people choose to categorize their coupons by categories. Some people who don’t have the time to clip through all the coupons in every insert they just clip all the ones that they might use and save the rest because you never know when you might need the rest of the coupons for an upcoming deal.
• You can also organized the inserts by the release date
• Some people chose to organized their coupons in alphabetical order
**Keep in mind that all coupons do have an expiration date
Understanding the fine print of a coupon
fine print pic4
For all those who are new or just starting to coupon; this section here is about understanding the fine print of a coupon. You do not want to misuse a coupon or use the incorrect coupon.
  1. What does it mean when the coupon states “one coupon per purchase of products and quantity stated?”- It means that you can only use one coupon per item.
  2. Many times a coupon may state “limit of 4 identical coupons per purchase/per day”- meaning you may only use 4 of the same coupon per product on the same shopping trip. Many times the coupon might not have a limit but keep in mind that stores can limit the coupon per item. It is extremely important to review each store’s coupon policies (go here to check out some store policies).
  3. Other coupons might state; “Limit of two identical coupon per purchase per item”- this means you can use up to two of the same coupon per item per purchase. It is extremely important to review and follow the fine print of a coupon.
Stores 101
Click on each individual store name below and you will find tips and other great information to strike 4 great savings at my favorite stores to shop for great deals;
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