Shopping @ Target!
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Please click here to obtain a copy of the Target Coupon Policy. Get familiar with your nearest Target and study the guidelines of their coupon policy. I would suggest to carry a copy of the coupon policy just in case you encounter any issues. By having the coupon policy on hand it will help clear out any confusions.
On this section I would explain how I have succeeded as we strike 4 great savings at Target. Any other suggestions are welcome by via email at
Target Cartwheel….
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Have you heard of the Target Cartwheel? If not, click here to sign up and start saving even more on tons of items.
  • Also, you can download the cartwheel app on any smartphone/device.
  • Once you have sign up you can access and add tons of great offers that get send to your barcode.
  • Once you have selected the offers; just show the printable or barcode from your phone at checkout.
  • Check your receipt and you will notice how much you saved from just using the Target cartwheel.
  • Offers can be added anywhere even while shopping @ Target… as easy as 1,2,3 🙂
  • Remember offers do have expiration date, also each offer has its own terms and conditions (please read the fine print of each offer)
Want to learn and save even more @ Target?!
Target pic8
The above picture it shows how you can combine a manufacturing coupon, Target coupon, and on top of those coupons you can also the Target Cartwheel. SCORE!! You can combine up to 4 like manufacturing coupons and 4 like Target coupons per item. On top of that the cartwheel offer it would automatically take up to a maximum of 4 qualifying items per offer per transaction depending on each offer.
Where to print Target Coupons?
Target Pic7
  • It just got alot easier when looking for the Target coupons (TQ) as shown in the picture above. Now you can just choose the order as you want to see the coupons since now Target also offers manufacturing coupons.
  • You can print two Target coupons per item per computer
Target Clearance!
target pic9
You can find clearance items all over the place but most of the time at the end of the aisle for each department. You can score great items on clearance! Let’s not forget that if you happen to have your coupon binder like my crazy self, and find a coupon to go with a clearance item even better.