The new Walmart policy will be a game changer for the coupon industry. Many shoppers will need to reevaluate their purchases. The policy basically states that Walmart will no longer price match any competitors Ad or deal. Walmart is going to offer the lowest possible price all year long. The question is what is going to happen during seasons where other competitors have a lower price. Will Walmart be able to compete with the market? I think Walmart is testing the market to see if their new marketing technique will work. Are they going to lose business because of the new policy change or are they going to gain customers because of their guarantee low price.
 Overall Walmart’s new move seems to be the right move. They are moving in to a new market where shoppers are looking for a yearlong savings. We also have to consider how other top retailers are going to take these changes. We will know as time goes by how many retailers will feel the changes and how their marketing technique to offer savings will change. Walmart is guaranteeing better prices yearlong. The question now is how couponers and bargain shoppers are going to cope with the changes. There are many top coupon websites and blogs that spent hours on deals from Walmart. Well let’s look on ways the coupon bloggers and the shoppers can take advantage of this new policy.
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Look at other stores for the same Item
Shoppers and couponers will now have to look more at other stores for items they would price match at Walmart. Do not forget Walmart Is trying to match the prices of other competitors all year long. That means Items you would shop in certain time of the year are already in special. All you need to look for is to make sure other competitors like Target do not have them at a better price for the time being. Remember during holidays you want to look at other top retailers because they are able to fluctuate with their prices and deals.
Do not stock up
Many websites and coupon blogs are advising to stock up. Do not stock up! This is the worst move you can do right now. As Walmart’s policy changes the field in couponing it will also increase many deals from other retailers. For example if Walmart has a cereal on special (do not forget that is the lowest price they will offer it yearlong) compared to Target, Target will see the opportunity to offer it for a lower price and of course we will use our coupon skills and save a lot more. So please do not listen to the other bloggers and stock up. This is not the right move as a couponer and a deal finder
Ease of couponing and comparing prices
This will make it easier for couponers and deal finders. Now that we have established that Walmart will have a stable price market, now we can easily coupon for other major retailers. Remember as a couponer you want to facilitate your techniques. Walmart’s policy has created this for us by giving us a stable price. Also, do not forget retailers say they will match Walmart’s price for the customer. As I said the new policy Walmart has put in place will create a better opportunity for couponers and it will push other retailers to compete with Walmart’s price.
New coupon technique
Now we will have to become better at couponing. There are many techniques you can use but this is the right time to freshen up on your coupon language. Like I said is a game changer for many retailers and businesses. To take advantage of this new policy we have to keep up with the change. Do not forget couponing is the best way to create a budget
Final Thoughts
Many of these changes from Walmart came about people using coupons’ and Ads from competitors the wrong way. Please follow the retailer’s policies and read the coupons fine print.
Walmart stated, they do not anticipate expanding the no-price-matching policy to stores outside of the undisclosed 500 locations. From my experience in the business world and marketing I would like to offer my opinion. Walmart will expand these changes. This is a great move for a retailer such as Walmart. Walmart has a total of 4,601 stores in the United States.
This means the coupon industry will continue to grow and us as consumers need to keep up with the change. As always continue couponing.
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